A Stellar Dirty Martini

A Stellar Dirty Martini
25 February 2024

If you want a dirty martini, you can go quite far into the galaxy and still find the right ingredients.

Astronomers have found interesting molecules around protostars IRAS 2A and IRAS 23385 using JWST. Among those, they found ethanol - the alcohol used in liquors, and acetic acid, one of the components of vinegar. And these molecules are growing on ice crystals.

Hence the idea of a dirty martini. There are many slight variations of this so this is how I make it. 2 double measures of vodka, 1 of vermouth, and 1 of olive brine - that’s where the acetic acid is. Shake it all in a shaker with ice, and serve in a chilled martini glass with olives.

Researchers believe that those molecules will eventually become incorporated into asteroids and comets and be delivered to planets, and maybe even play a role in the formation of life.

You might notice that I am not drinking and that’s because I hate dirty martinis… but this story is too perfectly tasty for this silly little series. Cin cin! More info here.

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