Lunacy Cocktail

Lunacy Cocktail
25 February 2024

Happy weekend! Here’s a new space-themed cocktail for you to try tonight!

In a shaker with ice put one measure of vodka, half of blue curaçao, half of peach snaps, and one of pineapple juice.

Serve over ice with fresh pineapple for garnish.

The inspiration for this drink are the three new moons found around Uranus And Neptune. The uranus one is 8 kilometers across while Neptune’s two are slightly bigger since it’s much further away.

Astronomers are confident that no moon bigger than those are yet to be found around the two planets. This brings the total moons to 28 for Uranus and 16 for Neptune. It’s LUNACY! More info here.

A 3d render of my book invisible rainbows with a request to pledge for it