Queers In The Sky As Diamonds

Queers In The Sky As Diamonds
25 December 2022

Like my previous artistic endeavors, I’m keen to connect the traditionally modeled nudes to images of deep space, playing with light, shapes, and colours. Last time, I ended up having a mostly queer cohort of models by accident, but this time it was by design… the reason is after the break.

The credit for the images beneath my art is: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, – specific research credit is link into every captions.

Click on the images to zoom in.

Jason – The light of Protostar L1527 have carved a fiery hourglass in the dark cloud that surrounds it.

Dr Chris – Elliptical and spiral galaxies VV191 form a spectacular couple. Next to the model’s right knee there is a more distant galaxy gravitationally lensed by the mass of the elliptical galaxy.

The Prince – Stephan’s Quintet is a multi-merger system which shines brightly in infrared as new stars are formed.

Manbun – The Southern Ring Nebula was made by layers expelled by a dying star and shaped by others stars in the system

Sam – The Tarantula nebula see in the longer wavelengths where the cold gas and dust of the celestial cloud glows.

Barry – JWST sees through

Dr Simon – The tightly coiled spiral arms of the Phantom Galaxy, M74, contrast with the brilliantly blue gas poor central region.

Dr Craig – The Cosmic Cliffs are another incredible star-forming region captured in exquisite details by the telescope.

The images all come from the new observatory JWST, whose namesake was a bigot (check out this documentary too).

NASA disagrees, saying that they have not found any evidence that he directly fired somebody for being gay (very important phrasing in the report published on International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM that goes to show how much the agency cares about the community). There were no comments on the misogyny, even though I asked directly.